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RE/MAX Recreational Property Report June 2013

remax_rec_report_2013Canmore -RE/MAX Recreational Property Report -June 2013

Starting price for a two-bedroom condominium: $225,000

Alberta’s strengthening economy has bolstered sales of recreational properties in Canmore. After a five-year lull, purchasers are finally making their moves, taking advantage of the thinning selection of single-detached homes and condominiums
available at virtually every price point. Pent-up demand and softer values have contributed to the upswing.

Four hundred and thirty-three homes changed hands between May 2012 and April 2013, a 32 per cent increase over the 328 units reported the 12-month period prior. Average price has remained relatively stable at $550,000 year-over-year, in spite of the uptick. Yet, values are expected to rise in the days and months ahead given the sheer volume of sales. The price of a two-bedroom condominium in Canmore reflects some of that upward pressure already, now starting at $225,000, up from last year’s rock bottom price of $195,000.

Young families and retirees lead the charge for product in Canmore, with single-family homes priced between $500,000 and $1 million and condominiums ranging from $250,000 to $500,000 most sought-after. The most expensive sale so far this year was a 5,000 sq. ft. timber frame retreat, close to the river, with a price tag of $1.925 million.

Builders are demonstrating their confidence in the overall market, with new construction underway in town. From single-detached homes to multi-unit residential (duplex, fourplex), demand now exists across the board. Financing has presented some challenges, with the hotel/condominium sector most impacted by changes to lending policies.

Income-producing properties that are generally part of a rental pool are meeting with resistance from banks and lenders, as they move to mitigate their risk in the market. Purchasers travelling from Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Fort McMurray represent the lion’s share of activity, although there have been some out-of-province sales.

Demand is fairly evenly distributed, with no specific area experiencing a surge. The north side of town tends to attract younger families with kids, while the full-on mountain resorts—such as the Three Sisters and Silver Tip—are drawing purchasers who seek solitude and scenery. The remainder gravitate toward the downtown core where shops and restaurants are within walking distance.