Find Your Place In Canmore Alberta


Sold by Jessica StonerYour  home requires a specialized  marketing plan that is unique to your property and price point. When selling a Canmore  home, the industry standard marketing plan is not sufficient for today’s digitally active home buyers.  Many of our buyers live out of town, and are researching potential homes online first and foremost.

Jessica is an expert in  online marketing and has great success is exposing listings to the buyers where they are looking. Online.  

Jessica is unique in her attitude towards the real estate industry. Where it is often perceived as a sales industry, Jessica has always treated it as a service industry. She feels that her job is to provide unprecedented service to her select clientele, above all else.

Market education, negotiation, evaluation, marketing, contract knowledge, real estate law  and potential purchaser follow-up are all aspects of the service she provides to her select clientele. Other information shared with her clients are: current and futures real estate trends, past historical statistics, and the complete and thorough knowledge regarding Canmore real estate- past, present and future.

How to Reach Jessica Stoner:

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#100, 709 Main Street, Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2B2
Call Jessica: (403) 678-8006
Toll Free: 1-888-678-0236
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