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Vacation Homes in Canmore…

Canmore is one of the most desirable locations for recreational properties, featuring many favorable aspects that cannot be found in other mountain towns.

1-½ hours from a major International Airport on 4 lane highways, and close proximity to several world class ski resorts, and even more acclaimed golf courses. Numerous other outdoor sports are at the door step such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, cross country skiing, back country skiing, kayaking, canoeing, and fly fishing. Add this to the still affordable real estate prices in the area and the limited land base for development, and it is clear why Canmore continues to attract growing numbers of real estate buyers from around the world.

Condos in Canmore start from $200,000 CAN, so even the most budget conscious recreational property owner can afford to weekend in Canmore. The higher end condos go as high as $2,000,000+.

Several Property Management Companies in town can take care of your property while you are absent, to ensure your home is always safe, and well maintained. It is possible to rent your vacation home while you are away, with some restrictions in certain areas. Property Management Specialists may handle rentals for the absent property owner.

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Retirement Homes in Canmore

Many boomers are looking towards their future and see their retirement approaching quickly. As many start to consider their future retirement home, Canmore seems to been a popular choice. Several factors are relevant when choosing a future retirement home in Canmore, as follows:

  • Close proximity to an International Airport. Many Boomers plan to travel often as well as have family visit regularly. Less than 1 ½ hours from the International Airport, Canmore is considered ideal.
  • Health care. Not only does Canmore feature an excellent hospital, but just 1 hour away is the finest services of the Foothills Hospital in Calgary.
  • Community-The sense of community in this small and friendly town is the driving motivation for some to choose Canmore as their eventual retirement destination
  • Health and Wellness based community- the inclination of many in this natural area is to live a healthy lifestyle that promotes life longevity. The introduction of a spa based resort in the Three Sisters Mountain Village will also ensure additional facilities that promote health and wellness. It is anticipated that Canmore will become known as the Wellness Centre of North America.
  • Natural area-Being surrounded by millions of acres of natural space is the premier benefit to some choosing Canmore as their retirement home. With the Banff National Park to one side and a variety of Provincial parks to the other, we are guaranteed unspoiled, vast wilderness to appreciate for years to come.
  • Active Lifestyle-for the active retiree, Canmore offers the ideal lifestyle. Being surrounded by like-mined individuals is also important to those seeking a recreational based retirement.
  • Luxury lifestyle-Canmore has come a long way from it’s coal mining roots, to offer the utmost in luxury living. The creation of two spectacular mountain resorts, (SilverTip Golf Resort and the Three Sisters Mountain Village Resort) provide the finest in quality homes, condos and facilities.

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