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FAQ’s During COVID-19 Canmore Real Estate April 2, 2020

Q-Is is still acceptable to list my home or view homes for sale during this time of Covid-19?

A- Yes, Real Estate Services are deemed Essential Services by the Province of Alberta. Purchasing a home or selling ones home is often a necessity for many different reasons, and we continue our services to ensure you can move forward with your real estate needs at this time.


Q-Is it safe to list my home?

A– We are working with sellers to determine protocols for the listing of your home, and how to safely have people access your home. 


Q-What protocols are in place for a showing?

A- At the minimum, we ask:


-virtual showings to be complete if possible before in person showing

-buyers do not touch anything in home

-buyers and agents travel in separate vehicles

-only agents touch door knobs and light switches if necessary, and nothing else

-children not to accompany parents during showing. (Parents may need to view one at a time, if children are in tow)

-only essential individuals to a transaction to view home. (No family members or other individuals to accompany showings unless necessary) 

-hand sanitizing or washing before and after showings for all parties

-ask buyers if they have symptoms, have traveled in past 2 weeks or been in contact with someone with Covid-19 in past 2 weeks and ask they please delay showing or agree to a virtual showing instead. 



-immediately tell us if anyone in the household has symptoms or have traveled in the past 2 weeks. 

-before showings, leave lights on and doors open so less contact with home is necessary

-sanitize as much of the home as possible

-vacate home if possible during showings

Buyers and Sellers may have additional requests for safety protocols and we will do everything we can to accommodate buyers and sellers requests. 


Q-Are professionals such as home photographers and home inspectors working during this time? 

A-Some are choosing to decline work now, and others are still providing services, with safety protocols in place. We try to accommodate all service providers requests for safety protocols as best we can. 


Q-Are lawyers working this time to close real estate transactions?

A-some lawyers are temporarily declining new business until the social distancing requirement is lifted. Most lawyers continue to work with additional safety protocols in place. Transactions can take longer to complete as lawyers struggle with the legal requirements to meet with their clients in person to sign land transfer documents. The possibility of one party of a transaction requiring self isolation, can delay signing of documents by two weeks. Delays during this time should be anticipated and expected.


Q-Is Land Titles offices in Alberta operating during this time?

A-Yes Land Titles offices in Alberta continue to operate. There is a slight delay in processing times, but title transfer operations continue.


Q-What happens if a home is tenanted and we can’t evict as per new Provincial statement? 

A-There currently is a moratorium on new evictions issued to tenants due to nonpayment of rent in Alberta until after April 30, 2020. There is no change to the legal enforcement of the end of a lease or Notice to Vacate, legally issued to a tenant for reasons allowed under the Landlord Tenant Act. 


Q-What happens if a home I’m buying had someone in self isolation on closing date?

A-This situation is a possibility that all buyers and sellers during this time must be aware of. Every situation will have to be accessed and dealt with on an individual basis. Often buyers and sellers can agree and sign an amendment for a later closing date. All parties have to be aware that this could affect other sales and purchases associated with this transaction as well. Open and frequent communication with all parties, realtors and lawyers is the best way to find a workable solution.