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Virtual Home Viewings For My Clients

Many buyers in Canmore are from out-of-town. They are either vacation home owners living in another city, or they are moving here from another area.  Out-of-town buyers face some unique challenges.


You can be heartbroken when your perfect home sells before you can make it to Canmore to view the home.

Or, you can be frustrated at wasting your time when you book a whole day or weekend to visit Canmore, just to find the listing that looked suitable in the photos, are not at all appropriate! The wide angle lense photos made the  homes look bigger than they were, or failed to show the extremely busy street out front, or just didn’t communicate the floor plan flow. There are any number of things that photos simply can’t show.


That is why I offer this invaluable service to my clients! 

facetime_logoFacetime or Skype


I am pleased to save you unnecessary trips to Canmore because you’ve seen the homes virtually, before deciding to drive to Canmore. And you will also  know when you have to get to Canmore immediately to view a perfect home in person, before it is sold.


When we are on a Virtual Home Viewing, you will be able to:

  • -See actual size of the rooms and space, as I don’t use a wide angle lense.
  • -Hear the sounds yourself. Is the highway noise loud in this location? Are you OK with the noise from the school next door? I can open the door or window and we can listen for the difference.
  • -Understand the layout of the home, and know if it flows nicely. I can zoom in on any details that are of importance to you.
  • -Direct me where you want to look. If you want to take more time determining the views, we’ll spend  more time on the deck. Want to get an idea of the size of the closets, ask me to open them and I can give you a good view of the interior.
  • -Garner much more detail about the home. Such as: is it a reasonable space to add a mother-in -law suite the basement? Or is the back deck large enough for you? Or does the fence enclose the yard or is it partial?. (Listings don’t always include the specific information that is important to you!)
  • -I point out anything of interest or relevance and show it to you.   (Items such as damage to walls, floors or counters, or unique or nice  touches that would have been difficult to spot.)

Don’t waste another trip to Canmore just to view a home that is not what you thought. And even more important, don’t miss out on your perfect home because you weren’t sure it was worth the trip!

I am here on the ground in Canmore and happy to help with your Virtual Home Viewing!

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