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Quick Market Update- October 2019

Good news for buyers in the Canmore area. We have more inventory than we have had in the past couple of years. This has created a more balanced market. The prices continue to appreciate, but at healthy single digit increases per year.  It is good time for buyers to buy with less chance of multiple offers.


(Single Family Homes in Canmore)
76 Single family home sales 2019 January to October
Average sale price  1,165,000
Average list price  1,216,000
Average days on market 77
96% of asking price


(Single Family Homes in Canmore)
68 Single family home sales 2018 January to October
Average sale price $1,109,000
Average list price $1,157,000
Average days on market 75
96% of asking price

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Seminar- April 6, 2019

Canmore Real Estate Market Update

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Market Update – March 2019

Full Year- 2018

 2018 Overview


 The Canmore real estate market was robust for much of 2018, until September.  September 2018 until December 2018, the market saw significant slow down in sales. This was reflectivee of the economy in general in Canada. January 2019 until March 2019, the market has picked up in activity again and is active and healthy.
The anticipated Olympic bid for Calgary and Canmore for 2026 Winter Games being voted down, though disappointing to some, has not seemed to affect the overall market in Canmore.  In addition, the energy sector slow down has not seemed to affect the Canmore to the same degree as the rest of Alberta.
The inventory of listings in Canmore remains low with 171 listings currently for sale. It is expected that there may be an increase of inventory in the Spring with a matching increase of buyers activity as well.
Future retirees and  Calgary professionals with an increased ability to telecommute for work are our main drivers of the buyers market at this time.
Vacation home buyers as well as investors purchasing hotel condos for short term rentals also continue to purchase in the area.
Buyers up and down sizing while remaining in town, make up a steady portion of the buyers market.
Overall, 2019 seems to be shaping up for another active, steady real estate market in Canmore.


October 2018-Canmore Real Estate Market Report

Demand continues to grow in the Canmore real estate market.  Mostly for future retirement purchases. Many buyers have the intention of using it as a recreational home in the mean time, but the main  driver to purchase is securing their future retirement home now before they are priced out of the market.
There is some increased new construction in the area that is helping ease the low inventory over the past few years.
The potential of an Olympic bid is on many peoples minds and though many realize it will likley increase market values in the area, it is not prompting buyers to purchase early. Buyers are still taking the time to find suitable homes before moving forward.
Multiple offers are still experienced in some sales.  The number of sales as well as the average number of Days on Market before a sale is very similar in the first 3/4 of 2017 and 2018.  The sale prices have increased for this time period in 2018 compared to the same time frame in 2017.
The market seems steady and a little more balanced now days.

Prices and Stats 

October 2018
Current Inventory : 185 listings. (Canmore, Harvie Heights and Deadmans Flats)
51- Single Family Homes
16- Half Duplexes
45- Townhouses
52- Apartment Units
12- Hotel Condos
9- Lots
The stats include Canmore and the two hamlets directly on each side of Canmore (Harvie Heights and Deadmans’s Flats)
First 3/4 of 2018
Single Family Homes                  Number of Sales 71,    Average Sale Price $1,116,000
Townhomes & Half Duplexes      Number of Sales 116,   Average Sale Price   $777,000
Apartments                                  Number of Sales 109 , Average Sale Price   $497,000
Hotel Condos                               Number of Sales 186,  Average Sale Price   $441,000
Average Days on Market   60
First 3/4 of 2017
Single Family Homes                  Number of Sales 72,    Average Sale Price $1,107,000
Townhomes & Half Duplexes      Number of Sales 152,   Average Sale Price   $729,000
Apartments                                  Number of Sales 110 ,  Average Sale Price   $462,000
Hotel Condos                              Number of Sales 185,  Average Sale Price  $406,000
Average Days on Market   58

June 2018-Canmore Real Estate Market Report

The Canmore Real estate market is very active with high buyers demand. Inventory is still on
the low side, though there is a healthy amount of sales taking place. Desirable and
appropriately priced properties tend to sell in the first week on the market, sometimes with
multiple offers, which is not uncommon.
Buyers tend to be quite knowledge about current real estate in the area, and understand
market pricing when considering a purchase. Over priced properties can still remain on the
market for some time, even in this active market with strong buyers demand.
The following factors are affecting the market in Canmore at this time:
1. We have a lot of future retirees buying now. They do not want to wait the 5-7 or so years
to retirement, as they know prices in Canmore are going up and there is a very limited
amount of development in the area.
2. We have increasing tourism, so the tourism and hospitality businesses are growing and
there is an escalating requirement for housing for their staff and employees. (Both to buy
and rent)
3. Increased demand in rentals is encouraging investor buyers.
4. Two new taxes in BC that target both out-of-country buyers, and out-of-province buyers,
as well as new laws that remove some landlord protections, have encouraged investors and
recreational buyers to purchase in Alberta instead of BC. As Canmore is a desirable location
for both recreation and investors, we are seeing an increase in buyers that would otherwise
have purchased in BC.
5. The possibility of hosting the Olympics is attracting a small contingent of speculators, that
think Canmore’s values will increase, if we get the Olympics, or even if we just bid, due
increased international exposure of our stunning scenery.
There is some new construction in Three Sisters and Spring Creek Mountain Village, which
helps satisfy some of the increase in buyers demand, though is not enough to create a
balanced market inventory.
The woes in the oil and gas industry that has affected other real estate markets in Alberta for
the past few years, has not affected the Canmore market. The activity here remains buoyant
and growing.

Prices and Stats 

Current Inventory : 168 listings. (Below healthy, balanced inventory levels)
52- Single Family Homes
10- Half Duplexes
35- Townhouses
36- Apartment Units
19- Hotel Condos
16- Lots
Sale prices  Jan-June 2018:
31 Sales- Single Family Homes
Avg $- Single Family Home   $1,074,000
39 Sales- Townhouses
Avg $ – Townhouse $688,000
62 Sales – Apartments
Avg $ -$475,000
Sale prices: Jan – June 2017:
35 Sales- Single Family Homes
Avg $ – Single Family Home  $1,168,000
61 Sales- Townhouses
Avg $ – Townhouse $684,000
55 Sales- Apartments
Avg $ 463,000

January 2018-Canmore Real Estate Market Report

Canmore Real Estate continues to have a healthy market with appreciating prices. However, we have the lowest inventory seen in Canmore for many years.
There is still strong buyers demand, which is expected to continue to increase with active baby boomers buying their mountain home now for their pending retirement in the next few years.
Prices and Stats for the past several years:
419 Sales
Avg $ All Residential properties $607,000
Avg $ Single Family  $859,000
402 Sales
Avg $ All Residential properties $616,000
Avg $ Single Family  $926,000
348 Sales
Avg $ All Residential properties $661,000
Avg $ Single Family  $947,000
441 Sales
Avg $ All Residential properties $663,000
Avg $ Single Family  $1,012,000
407 Sales
Avg $ All Residential properties $760,000
Avg $ Single Family  $1,195,000
Number of sales in 2017 is down from 2016 due to lack of inventory. Price increases are likley to be partially the result of the low inventory as well.
There is some new construction, though they sell quickly as pre-sales and there is not enough to fulfill the demand for housing.
Canmore has a finite footprint and there is limited land for future development.

Canmore Market Update 1st QTR 2017

Healthy and strong describes the Canmore real estate market in the first quarter of 2017. We have seen solid appreciation since the same time last year, and continued buyers interest. There is somewhat low inventory right now, and desirable properties sell quickly.

We are not seeing a “Hot” market, as there is still some balance. Multiple offers do take place, though the are not the norm and properties may sell above asking price, though only in some instances of multiple offers.

Future retirees are the main buyers market. They are coming mostly from Alberta though we see buyers from Ontario, BC other parts of Canada and some from the US as well, though not as many as one would expect given our low dollar and solid economy in Western Canada.

First time home buyers are buying as well, sometimes with help from parents, which seems an unfortunate necessity, due to the higher entry level pricing in the area.

Tourism has increased significantly in the past few years, creating a higher demand in jobs and a strong Canmore economy. This is expected to continue to increase with targeted efforts from our new Canmore Chamber of Commerce and the newly reformed Canmore Tourism advocacy group.

There is some new development taking place, though on a small scale and will be unlikely to meet the current and future demand for this area with a finite growth foot print.

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